Lisa Hall

Statement of Purpose:  Dazzle Web Design is the brainchild of a restless web designer.  It is my purpose to create effective, friendly and aesthetically pleasing web designs for small business and professional individuals.

Business Mission Statement:  Dazzle Web Design will design and develop web solutions to assist in promoting and expanding the enterprises of small business and professional individuals.

Personal Mission Statement:  Through a persistent pursuit of excellence and a conscientious approach to problem solving, I hold myself accountable in developing solutions that exceed my client’s expectations. 

From designing a site to marketing it efficiently, I understand what needs to be done and am willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. Because I possess an extensive array of tools and programs, understand the importance of project management, and treat each client and project with great care and attention, I have established myself as a truly innovative force.

Payment Terms:
New Clients are normally required to place a deposit for projects. Once a credit history has been established we can place clients under normal Net-30 accounts.

Lisa Hall